North County Derby Alliance


We are excited to be going into the 2019 season with a full schedule of games. Look for it, posted under the Schedule menu, in the coming weeks.

NCDA is proud to announce our new home :

Hollow Ground 

Located in Oceanside, California, we were lucky enough to find an empty lot  and be able to transform it into our own.

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a scrimmage or 2019 game with us.

2019 Schedule

March 16 – RDR w/ Winetown B/C (away)

May 4- SFVRD (away)

May 18- OCRD (away)

July 13- FFF double header w/ NCJR (away)

Aug 3- SDRD (away)

Nov 16- IEDD (away)

November 23- Friendscrimmage @ HCDG